plural - tummies; noun
(a (especially child's) word for stomach: She has a pain in her tummy; (also adjective) a tummy-ache.) barriga
tummy n barriga / tripa
my tummy aches me duele la barriguita
Es una palabra infantil; la palabra más usual es stomach
El plural de tummy se escribe tummies.
noun (pl tummies)
1 familiar barriga, estómago
tummy ache dolor nombre masculino de barriga
tummy ['tʌmi] n, pl -mies belly: panza f , vientre m
barriga* s.f.
estómago s.m.
noun (pl -mies) (used to or by children) barriga f (fam), pancita f (fam), tripita f (fam), guatita f (Chi fam)
N (=stomach) barriga * f , tripa * f

tummy ache N — dolor m de barriga *, dolor m de tripa *

tummy bug * N — trastorno m estomacal

tummy button * N — ombligo m

tummy muscles * NPL — abdominales mpl

tummy tuck N — cirugía f plástica anti-michelines *

tummy upset N — trastorno m estomacal

to have a tummy upset — tener el estómago revuelto

* * *
noun (pl -mies) (used to or by children) barriga f (fam), pancita f (fam), tripita f (fam), guatita f (Chi fam)

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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